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Cults, Conspiracies & Covid 19

As we have recently observed, during the Covid 19 Lockdown protests, cults and conspiracy theorists are rampant. The Q-anon cult following is alarming enough of itself, never mind the thousands of others prevalent, particularly in lands where cult-like leaders are prone to run for office. Catastrophe is seen as opportunity in the cult world, whereContinue reading “Cults, Conspiracies & Covid 19”

Does your Cult Employ Hypnotic Altered Trance States!

Science has been busy, measuring and studying our brainwaves and neuro transmissions for near enough, a century. The subject of electroencephalography or EEG, is fascinating and often included in the studies of hypnosis, NLP, meditation, etc, even new age schools of thought, often incorporate this science, as validation of their, particular theories or practices. Hence,Continue reading “Does your Cult Employ Hypnotic Altered Trance States!”