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Cults, Conspiracies & Covid 19

As we have recently observed, during the Covid 19 Lockdown protests, cults and conspiracy theorists are rampant. The Q-anon cult following is alarming enough of itself, never mind the thousands of others prevalent, particularly in lands where cult-like leaders are prone to run for office. Catastrophe is seen as opportunity in the cult world, whereContinue reading “Cults, Conspiracies & Covid 19”

New Words & Old Tricks

They told me I was lucky, they said I was woke.They hung on every word and laughed at every joke.They became my new friends and family, better than the old ones, I no longer see.They said there was hope and we could all be free, even the trees and the birds and me.Come and see,Continue reading “New Words & Old Tricks”

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