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New Words & Old Tricks

They told me I was lucky, they said I was woke.
They hung on every word and laughed at every joke.
They became my new friends and family, better than the old ones, I no longer see.
They said there was hope and we could all be free, even the trees and the birds and me.
Come and see, just wait here with me, you’ve got to check out this great new philosophy.
We’ve cracked the code, we broke the spell, we got happiness and freedom to sell.
They taught me well, new words and old tricks, using magical know how or hypnosis.
Then under the spell, I could no longer tell, if I was well, happy or sad.
Robotically I served under my oath, expert at smiling and selling the dope.
It’s all for the best and one for all, except don’t dare question where all the pennies fall.
I became but a slave, who needed no whip, given barely enough to lick my lips.
I gave all I could but it was never enough, I lost most of my mind and all of my stuff.
Now I see how they trapped me and fed me by spoon but I forgive them as friends, after all, they’re all trapped too.
Cult Hopper 2020

Published by Sarb

Hello and thanks for being here. I'm an ex-cult-hopper, that is, someone who leaves a cult, only to join another or others, (or essentially someone, who takes way too long, to learn their lesson), I will be blogging about cults, NRMs, post cult counselling, trauma therapy, thought manipulation, undue influence, activism and my ongoing recovery from abuse and (for lack of a more suitably, descriptive word,) brainwashing. I'm passionately or possibly obsessively, (as my wife would call it), researching cults, mind control, covert hypnosis, undue influence and related topics. I hope to share my experiences, (sometimes considered controversial) views, speculations and conclusions, concerning these topics and groups, including religious, political and corporate cult influences. The views expressed here are my own and should not be associated with any others groups or parties, I may adhere or belong to.

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