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My First Blog Post

Welcome to my sarbsblog!

‘Nothing is as it appears; but everything is, as it is.’

— unknown (to me)

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going and I’m pretty excitied. I’ve always been fascinated by religious belief systems and have followed, more than my fair share of them, at various times, starting from an early age. I later, considered myself, spiritual, rather than religious, as I became dismayed with the hypocrisy, lies and abuses, that consistently prevailed, over the religious ideals being expounded, in these groups. As I later explored, cult recovery, mind control, hypnosis and other related topics and with the help of a post-cult counsellor, I finally undid, the curse of fervent religious searching, that had plagued me since childhood. I’m here to share my journey and somewhat, controversial conclusions about thought manipulation, as applied in religious sects and society, more generally. My experiences include, growing up in a extreme sect, yoga and meditation practice, covert narcissist in the family, Christianity and over a decade in the controversial Church of Scientology. Hope you will stay tuned and follow. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Published by Sarb

Hello and thanks for being here. I'm an ex-cult-hopper, that is, someone who leaves a cult, only to join another or others, (or essentially someone, who takes way too long, to learn their lesson), I will be blogging about cults, NRMs, post cult counselling, trauma therapy, thought manipulation, undue influence, activism and my ongoing recovery from abuse and (for lack of a more suitably, descriptive word,) brainwashing. I'm passionately or possibly obsessively, (as my wife would call it), researching cults, mind control, covert hypnosis, undue influence and related topics. I hope to share my experiences, (sometimes considered controversial) views, speculations and conclusions, concerning these topics and groups, including religious, political and corporate cult influences. The views expressed here are my own and should not be associated with any others groups or parties, I may adhere or belong to.

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